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Lawyer Carl Magnus Lilienberg who founded the law firm has a comprehensive background through experience from several law firms and a variety of legal areas in about 26 years. This provides a solid foundation of experience which is of great value today when the firm focused its activities on inheritance and marriage matters and disputes in court in these and other areas.


Lawyer Lilienberg began his career in 1989 as an associate of the lawyer Mr Franck. The operation consisted including of cases related to freedom of the press, copyright, criminal, family law, immigration law and litigation in the courts of all kinds. One common feature was the target of media attention.


1991 - 1998 was a lawyer Lilienberg associate and partner at Advokatfirman Björn Rosengren. The operation consisted including of cases involving business law, sports law, criminal law, family, hunting rights, real estate and litigation in most areas, even here with elements of media attention.


1999 took over lawyer Lilienberg operations at Otto Nordstrands Attorneys. This led to a variety of assignments regarding inheritance and estate administration was transferred to the law firm, as well as matters related to copyright (music, text and image). Lawyer Otto Nordstrand's role as the "House Counsel" in many families and small businesses, were also taken over and it is a feature we have even today a number of clients.


Since 2000, the firm conducted business in its own premises and is now at Karlavägen 24 in central Stockholm. (Click CV)

Carl Magnus Lilienberg

1988-1990       Radio Journalist / program producer Local Radio P4 Värmland


1990                Fil.kand.Högskolan in Karlstad


1990-1992       Information Officer / Project Work Environment Fund


1992- 1995      Parental leave


1995                 Edu. webmaster ETC Academy


1996-1997        Information Officer / Project Manager care sub, SLL


1997-2000        Communications / Press Officer care sub, SLL


2000-2008        Communications northern county production area SLL


2008                 Communications / paralegal Lilienberg Avdokatbyrå

Anne-Charlotte Lilienberg
Kommunikatör & Paralegal
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